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ازاينكه براي مطالعه وبلاگ آموزشی وحدت راانتخاب نموده ايد خوشحالیم.دراین وبلاگ با موضوع آموزشی وتربیتی علی الخصوص امور پرورشی مدارس تهیه شـــــــده است امیدوارم که مطالب این رسانه رضایت شما را جلب کرده و اوقات خوبی را سپری كنيد. نظرات شمادرزيرهريك ازمطالب براي ارائه بهتر وبلاگ كمك شاياني به ما خواهدنمود لطفادرصورت امكان نظرخود راعلام فرمائيد. پایگاه آموزشی وحدت

نمونه سوالات پایانی پیش دانشگاهی

A:  Choose the  proper word  for  the  following sentences(3 POINTS)


1.  General  weather  of  an  area  over a priod  of  time                                          a) Climate

2. The most important organ in your  body .                                                             b) Predict

3.  Put  arms  and   legs  out  straight                                                                         c) Humor

4.  When  all the  animals  and  plants  of a particular  type die                                 d) Heart

5.  Say that  sty  will  happen                                                                                       e)  Extinction

6. Ability to laugh or make people  laugh                                                                     f) Stretch


                                                                             ) B:  Choose the  correct answer (3 P


7. You can  improve your English every thing ---------------on you

a) traps                    b) relies                               c) stars                    d) keeps

8.  Computers have had  wonderful  effect on  different---------------of our  modern life 

a) processes              b) re searches                      c) capacities                   d) aspects

 9)He was worried and frightened. He  was  very----------------------

a) famous                  b) conscious                         c) serious              d)  nervous

  10)You  have  never told  me  where your  house  is---------------in this  big  city

a)  caused                        b)  covered                      c)  located             d)leaned

11) Man invented computers and  will  continue to  his needs

a) improve                  b) measure                       c) suggest           d) ignore

 12) Parents should --------------them selves in their children's  education                      

a)  include               b)  hold               c)  involve                d)  consist       


 C)  choose  the correct  answer ( 3 POINTS)


13. You'll  have  to pay ------------------you  want or not

a)  when                       b) as                           c) whether                            d) since

14  My uncle is -------------------old  man  that  he is  not  able to climb  mountains any  more.

a)  so                            b) too                          c)  very                                d)  such an

 15  The  man-----------------in the  house is my  father

a) is                              b)  being                     c------                           d)  be

16. They  forced me ----------------a  heavy bag

a)  carrying                    b) carry                c)  to  carry                      d)  carried

17.  Unless you  concentrate-------------what  you are reading you  won't learn it

a) on               b) at              c) by                d) in

18.  Some teachers let  the young  students ------------------around  the  class when  they  feel  tired

a) to  walk             b)  walk               c) walking             d) walked


D)  Fill  in the  blanks we have one  extra . word (2/5)

Injuries- procedure- firmly- environment- extinction- predicted


19- Can  future weather  conditions be -----------------exactly?

  20. I've decided to get a new passport but I don't  know  the-------------------.

21 Keep your eyes-------------------fixed on  the road ahead.

22) Human beings are greatly influenced by the ------------ which they live

23).  He had serious head------------




E)  Complete the following  sentences with  your  own  idea.(2 P )

24). Some  poople change their eating  habits -----------------they  get  older.

 25)   It  takes  along  time-------------- there   on  time

F)   Read  the  following  text and   number (3 POINTS )

Nobody  likes  staying  home  on  a  national holiday – especially if the ----1----- is fine . last  month we decided  to  spend the -------2--------in the country  . the only difficulty---------3--------that  millions of  other people  had  ----4-------the  same  idea . we  moved  out  of  the  city  slowly  behind a  long  ------5------of  cars  but  at  last  we----6------- to a  quiet country  road and ------7-------sometimes  stopped  at a lovely -------8------- we  had  brought  plenty  of food ---------9----------- us  and  we  got  it  out  of the  car. Now  everything   was  ready --------10--------we  sat  down ------11-------we heard  bells rining at  the  top  of the  hill . when we ------12---------up , we saw about two hundred sheep were coming toward us .  

1. a. water               b. weather                c. way                          d.  wire

2. a. day                  b. hour                     c. minute                      d second

3. a. is                     b. are                        c.  be                            d. was

4. a. lately               b.  exactly                c.  early                        d. recently

5. a. street               b. number                c. line                           d. ruler

6.a. came                b. dicided                 c. listened                    d.  heard

7. a. at                     b. since                    c. after                         d. so

8. a. way                 b. farm                     c. sea                           d.side

9. a. with                 b. by                        c. into                          d. to

10. a. but                 b. so                         c. also                         d. too

11. a. either             b. only                     c. until                        d. neither

12. a. made              b. had                      c. allowed                   d. got


G). read the  text and  answer  the  question ( 4 POINTS)

People in different countries and  different  parts of  the  world  eat  different kinds of foods  are prepared cooked and eaten  in different kinds of  ways  people also eat  at  different times of  the  day in some places people eat once or twice a day  in  other places  they  eat three or four times a day  scientists  say  that  none of  these  differences are really important . the  important  thing they  say  is  that  a person  should  eat  different kinds  of  foods  during a day.

1.  The main idea of  this passage is that -------------------

a) Different people eat  differently

b) Different ways  of  preparing foods

c) People are different  and  eat  differently

d) There are different kinds  of  foods

2) In different parts of the world people-------------------

a) Continue to  find  different foods

b) Eat different foods at  different times

c) Eat similar foods at  the  same time

 d) Prepare foods to  be eaten  by  others

3.  Scientists believe  that -----------------------------

a)  How  people eat  food is very important

b) The way  people eat  and  the  time  of  their eating  is  important

c) The  way  people cook or prepare their food is  important

d)  What  people  eat  during  a day  is  very  important

H)  Join  the following  sentence using  as join  them  ( 2  p ).

I felt really  tired . I  stayed  at  home  and took a rest ( as)  

I) Circle the  different  word (1 p ).

1.  breath                    lung                    air               bone

2.  burn                       fuel                      heart           engine


J) Find  the  synonyms for  each  word a little  in  other word  (1/5).

A little- in other words- very good – special duty

1.  She  speaks  excellent French------------------------

2.  Are  you  tired  yes  I am  a bit.----------------------------

3. The  function of  the  heart  is to pump blood through the  body ------------------------.



 K)What's  the  antonyms of  under lined  words (1 p ).

1.  My  grand  mother is over  80 but  she's  still very  active .   ( lucky- right- sure- lazy)

2.  He kept the little  cat  alive by feeding it warm milk  .          ( warm- dead – safe- free)

L) Find the missing letters in incomplete words . (2/5)

Since the heart mus-le cant lift weights to get stronger , it rel-es on you to do aerobic exercise. The blood in your body even moves more easily through the blood ve-sels . all these things mean that your body works more eff-ciently to keep you healthy . practice your speech in front of a mirr-r to check your way of presentation . Try many different ways to find a comfortable balance of gest-res to use in front of       audi-nce. Friendly facial expre-s-ons help to build a warm and po-itive  rela-ionship


M) Complete the following sentences using the correct form of verbs given in brackets (1/5)

1-     the entire village ------ from their mountain home . (see)

2-     it was getting late , but he decided ----------------- on working .( go)

3-     it takes a long time ------------ there on time . ( get)

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